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[ART 1] A.Fouilloy, C.Voyant, F.Motte, G.Notton, C.Paoli, M.L.Nivet, E.Guillot, J.L. Duchaud

Solar irradiation forecasting with machine learning and computational methods for 3 weather variabilities. Energy, 165-A, 620-629. (2017: IF:4.968; IF5a:5.582; SJR:1.99; Hindex:146), 2018


[ART 2] C.Voyant, J.G.Gooijer, G.Notton

Periodic autoregressive prediction of global radiation without knowledge- based model implementation. Solar Energy, 174, 121-129. (2017:IF:4.374;IF5a:4.831;SJR:1.61; Hindex:137), 2018


[ART 3] C. Cristofari, M.B. Carutasiu, J.L. Canaletti, R. Norvaišien?, F. Motte, G. Notton

Building integration of solar thermal systems-example of a refurbishment of a church rectory

Renewable Energy, Elsevier, Available online 7 May 2018 - 5-Year IF : 4.825


[ART 4] Chr. Lamnatou, B. Lecoeuvre, D. Chemisana, C. Cristofari, J.L. CanalettiConcentrating photovoltaic/thermal system with thermal and electricity storage: CO2.eq emissions and multiple environmental indicators

Journal of Cleaner Production, Elsevier V. 192, 10 August 2018, pp. 376-389 - 5-Year IF : 6.207


[ART 5] Chr. Lamnatou, F. Motte, G. Notton, D. Chemisana, C. CristofariBuilding-integrated solar thermal system with/without phase change material: Life cycle assessment based on ReCiPe, USEtox and Ecological footprint

Journal of Cleaner Production, Elsevier, V. 193, 20 August 2018, pp. 672-683 - 5-Year IF : 6.207


[ART 6] Chr. Lamnatou, F. Motte, G. Notton, D. Chemisana, C. CristofariCumulative energy demand and global warming potential of a building-integrated solar thermal system with/without phase change material

Journal of Environmental Management, Elsevier, V. 212, February 2018, pp.301-310 - 5-Year IF : 4.712


[ART 7] Jean-Laurent Duchaud, Gilles Notton, Christophe Darras, and Cyril Voyant.

Power ramp-rate control algorithm with optimal State of Charge reference via Dynamic Programming. Energy, 149 :709–717, 2018 - 5-Year IF : 5.182


[ART 8] Manuel Espinosa-López, Christophe Darras, Philippe Poggi, Raynal Glises, Philippe Baucour, André Rakotondrainibe, Serge Besse, and Pierre Serre-combe.

Modelling and experimental validation of a 46 kW PEM high pressure water electrolyzer. Renewable Energy, 119 :160–173, 2018 - 5-Year IF : 4.825


[ART 9] Gilles Notton, Marie-laure Nivet, Cyril Voyant, Christophe Paoli, Christophe Darras, Fabrice Motte and Alexis Fouilloy.

Intermittent and stochastic character of renewable energy sources : Consequences, cost of intermittence and bene?t of forecasting. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 87 :96–105, 2018 - 5-Year IF : 9.122


[ART 10] C Voyant, F Motte, G Notton, A Fouilloy, ML Nivet, JL Duchaud

Prediction intervals for global solar irradiation forecasting using regression trees methods

Renewable Energy 126, 332-340, 2018 - 5-Year IF : 4.825


[ART 11] G Notton, ML Nivet, C Voyant, C Darras, F Motte, C Paoli

Intermittent and stochastic character of renewable energy sources: consequences, cost of intermittence and benefit of forecasting

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 87, 96-105, 2018 - 5-Year IF : 9.122


[ART 12] C Voyant, G Notton

Solar irradiation nowcasting by stochastic persistence: a new parsimonious, simple and efficient forecasting tool

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2018 - 5-Year IF : 9.122


[ART 13] JL Duchaud, G Notton, C Darras, C Voyant

Power ramp-rate control algorithm with optimal State of Charge reference via Dynamic Programming

Energy 149, 709-717, 2018 - 5-Year IF : 5.182


[ART 14] C.F.Abe, J.B.Dias, G.Notton, B.Pillot

Construction of an I-V curve tracer for a photovoltaic research and teaching platform. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), 05-03, 1757-.1765, 2018




[ART 1] F.Motte, G.Notton, Chr.Lamnatou, C.Cristofari, D. Chemisana

Numerical Study of PCM Integration Impact on Overall Performances of a Highly Building- Integrated Solar Collector. Renewable Energy, - 5-Year IF : 4.825, 2017


[ART 2] G.Notton, D.Mistrushi, L.Stoyanov, P.Berberi

Photovoltaic-Wind-Pumping hydro-storage system for electricity peak-shaving in an island territory. Solar Energy, 157, 20-34. (2017:IF:4.374;IF5a:4.831;SJR:1.61; Hindex:137), 2017


[ART 3] Harold Espargilliere, Leire del Campo, Patrick Echegut, Marc Muselli, Dominique Rochier

Applicability of CSP solar fields to the dry cooling of related thermodynamic cycles

Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol.127, pp. 319-329 (2017) - 5-Year IF : 3.634


[ART 4] Cyril Voyant, Gilles Notton, Alexis Fouilloy, and Fabrice Motte.

Uncertainties in global radiation time series forecasting using machine learning : The multilayer perceptron case. Energy, 125 :248–257, 2017 - 5-Year IF : 5.182


[ART 5] C Voyant, G Notton, S Kalogirou, ML Nivet, C Paoli, F Motte, A Fouilloy

Machine learning methods for solar radiation forecasting: A review

Renewable Energy 105, 569-582, 2017 - 5-Year IF : 4.825


[ART 6] C Voyant, F Motte, A Fouilloy, G Notton, C Paoli, ML Nivet

Forecasting method for global radiation time series without training phase: comparison with other well-known prediction methodologies

Energy 120, 199-208, 2017 - 5-Year IF : 5.182





[ART 1] C. Lamnatou, C. Cristofari, D. Chemisana, J-L. Canaletti

Building-integrated solar thermal systems based on vacuum-tube technology: Critical factors focusing on life-cycle environmental profile

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Elsevier, (65), 1199–1215, 2016 - 5-Year IF : 9.122


[ART 2] Benjamin Pillot, Marc Muselli, Philippe Poggi

Development and validation of a new efficient SRTM DEM-based horizon model combined with optimization and error prediction methods

Solar Energy, 10.1016/j.solener.2016.01.058 (2016) - 5-Year IF : 4.739


[ART 3] K Dahmani, G Notton, C Voyant, R Dizene, ML Nivet, C Paoli, W Tamas

Multilayer Perceptron approach for estimating 5-min and hourly horizontal global irradiation from exogenous meteorological data in locations without solar measure

Renewable Energy 90, 267-282, 2016 - 5-Year IF : 4.825


[ART 4] G.Notton, S.Diaf

Available solar energy for flat-plate solar collectors mounted on a fixed or tracking structure. International Journal of Green Energy, 13-2, 181-190, 2016.

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