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Production scientifique 2016-2021

Articles scientifiques dans des revues internationales et conférences équivalentes
  1. L. Capocchi, J.F. Santucci, A Web-based Simulation of Discrete-Event System of System with the Mobile Application DEVSimPy-mob, SoftwareX, (13) 100625, 2021, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.softx.2020.100625
  2. A. Doja, L. Capocchi, J.F. Santucci, Computational Challenges to Test and Revitalize Claude Levi-Strauss Transformational Methodology, Big Data & Society, 2021, https://doi.org/10.1177/20539517211037862
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  4. L. Capocchi, J.F. Santucci, T. Pawletta, H. Folkerts, B.P. Zeigler, Discrete-event simulation model generation based on activity metrics, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 103, 102122, 2020 
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  6. O. El Idrissi, M. Marengo, A. Aiello,  S. Gobert, V. Pasqualini, S. Ternengo. Seasonal change in trace element concentrations of Paracentrotus lividus: new advances in its use as a bioindicator. Ecological indicators, 2020.
  7. J.F. Santucci, A. Doja, L. Capocchi, Structural Analysis of Myths based on Symmetry and Double Twist Concepts using Discrete Event Simulation, Symmetry, 12(10), 1706, 2020, doi:https://doi.org/10.3390/sym12101706 (Impact Factor: 2.645).
  8. P.-A. Bisgambiglia, E. Innocenti, P. Bisgambiglia, Fuzz-iDEVS: An approach to model im-precisions in Discrete Event Simulation, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, 34(4), pp. 2143-2157, 2018, DOI:10.3233/JIFS-171020, IOS Press 
  9. J.F. Santucci, L. Capocchi, The Legacy of Norbert GIAMBIASI to the University of Corsica: from behavioral testing to DEVS fault simulation, Simulation, Society for Modeling and Simulation International, https://doi.org/10.1177/0037549718777625, 14 pages, 2018
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  12. A. Dominici, E. De Gentili, L. Capocchi, J.F. Santucci, Smart-Parking: Integration and data management by modeling and simulation using connected objects according to the DEVS formalism, 4th IEEE International Conference on Universal Village (UV), Boston, MA, USA, pp. 1-4, 2018, doi: 10.1109/UV.2018.8642144.
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Publications dans des actes de conférences internationales 
  1. A. Dominici, L. Capocchi, E. De Gentili, J.F. Santucci, Discrete Event Modeling and Simulation of Smart Parking Conflict Managemen, 24th International Congress on Modeling and Simulation ( MODSIM2021), 2021
  2. L. Capocchi, J.F. Santucci, J.Y. Tigli, T. Gonnin, S. Lavirotte, G. Rocher, A New Discrete-Event Simulation Based Approach for Validating Actuation Conflict Management in IoT Systems in Proc. of Annual Modeling and Simulation Conference, 2021
  3. N. Poiron-Guidoni, P.-A. Bisgambiglia, P. Bisgambiglia, Deep hierarchical reinforcement learning to manage the trade-off between sustainability and profitability in common pool resources systems, Proceedings in IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Network (IJCNN), 2021
  4. R. Babatounde, B. Poggi, T. Antoine-Santoni, A. Aiello, Using meta-heuristics to optimize the parameterization of algorithms in simulation models, Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications (SIMULTECH), 2021
  5. T. Antoine-Santoni, D. Araujo, A. Mameli, B. Poggi, J.S. Gualtieri, A. Aiello, Performances Evaluation of LoRaWAN Tracking Devices, Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Internet Computing and Internet of Things (ICOMP21), 2021
  6. E. Innocenti, M. Delhom, C. Idda, P-R Gonsolin, D. Urbani, Agent-Based Modelling of the spread of COVID-19 in Corsica, 2021 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI),2021
  7. G. Rocher, T. Gonnin, F. Dechavanne, S. Lavirotte, J.Y. Tigli, L. Capocchi, J.F. Santucci, An Actuation Conflicts Management Flow For Smart IoT-based Systems, in Proc. of 7th IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things: Systems, Management and Security (IoTSMS 2020), Virtual Conference, Dec. 10-14, 2020.
  8. T. Antoine-Santoni, Ambient Intelligence / Intelligent system: definition, concepts and a deployment example (KEYNOTE) -The 2nd International Conference on Big Data and Advanced Wireless Technologies (BDAW 2020) - UK - 9-10 Jully 2020
  9. A.Dominici, L. Capocchi, E. De Gentili, J.F. Santucci, Towards a Combination of Discrete-Event Simulation With Machine Learning for SMART Parking, Summer Simulation Conference, Virtual Conference, July 20-22, 2020.
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Ouvrages et Chapitres d’ouvrage
  1. L. Capocchi, J.F. Santucci, Validation of DEVS models using AGILE-based method, In Zhang L., Zeigler B.P., Laili Y. (eds): Model Engineering for Simulation, Academic Press, 233-250, ISBN 9780128135433, 2019
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Autres articles dans des revues professionnelles et/ou non répertoriées dans des bases de données internationales
  1. E. Barbieri, L. Capocchi, J.F. Santucci, Discrete-Event simulation-based Q-learning algorithm applied to financial leverage effect, SN Computer Science, 1: 50, 2020. doi: https://doi.org/10.1007/s42979-019-0051-7
  2. J.F. Santucci, L. Capocchi, B.P. Zeigler, Intégration de la hiérarchie d'abstraction et de la granularité temporelle au sein de la modélisation et la simulation DEVS, Technique et Science Informatiques, 36 (3-6), 157-184, 2017
  3. P.-A. Bisgambiglia, J.L. Rossi, R. Franceschini, F.J. Chatelon, P. Bisgambiglia, L. Rossi, T. Marcelli. DIMZAL: a software tool to compute acceptable safety distance, Open Journal of Forestry A, 7, 11-33, 2017
  4. P.-A. Bisgambiglia, E. Innocenti, Simulation dirigée par l’activité floue dans les modèles cellulaires, Comparaison entre règles d’activité floues et stochastiques, Technique et Science Informatiques, 35 (4-5), 435-462, 2016
Logiciels développés
  1. L. Capocchi, DEVSimPy : Environnement de développement collaboratif DEVS en Python, GPL V3.0, 2016 http://ticproject.univ-corse.fr/.
  2. L. Capocchi, DEVS-Ruby : API de simulation PDEVS en Ruby https://github.com/devs-ruby/devs MIT 
  3. L. Capocchi, DEVSimPy-mob : Application mobile pour la prise de décision en temps réel à partir de résultat de simulations DEVSimPy invoquées par web service, GPL V3.0
  4. L. Capocchi, DEVSimPy-rest : service web (API RestFull) pour la simulation DEVS à distance, GPL V3.0 
  5. DIMZAL https://dimzal.univ-corse.fr/site/accueil
Éditions ou coordination de volumes d’actes de colloques / congrès
  1. P.-A. Bisgambiglia, F. Michel, G. Quesnel, R. Duboz, G. Zacharewicz, D. Hill,  Actes des Journées Francophones de la Modélisation et de la Simulation (JFMS2020)?: Convergences entre TMS et SMA, Workshop RED, Cargèse (Corse).. Cépaduès édtions, ISBN : 978.2.36493.757. Auteur : Collectif Red sous la direction de P.-A Bisgambiglia, 2020 https://www.cepadues.com/livres/jfms-2020-les-journees-francophones-modelisation-simulation-convergences-entre-theorie-modelisation-simulation-les-systemes-multi-agents-9782364937574.html
  2. P.-A. Bisgambiglia, Les journees DEVS francophones : Applications de la theorie de la modelisation et de la simulation (JDF 2018) , Editeur : Cépaduès, ISBN. : 9782364936379, 2018 http://www.cepadues.com/livres/jdf-2018-les-journees-devs-francophones-applications-theorie-modelisation-simulation-9782364936379.html 
  3. P.-A. Bisgambiglia, G. Quesnel, R. Duboz, Les journées DEVS francophones : Théorie et Applications / Workshop RED Applications (JDF 2016) - Compilation des actes de la conférence JDF, P Rubrique : Données – informatique – I.A. – IHM, Editeur : Cépaduès, 140 pages, I.S.B.N. : 9782364935396, 2016 http://www.cepadues.com/livres/jdf-2016-les-journees-devs-froncophones-theorie-applications-9782364935396.html
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